I Choose to Read

Let's read a story about friendship!

Works are due on 
16th December

The Devoted Friend
by Oscar Wilde

You can read the story online here.
Or you can download and print the pdf file.

Here are some characters that are in the story:
Water rat Linnet 

Your task is:

  1. To write a summary (at least 160 words)
  2. To answer the questions in at least 3 or 4 sentences:
    1. What are the animals talking about in the beginning of the story?
    2. What does the author (Oscar Wilde) want to tell the reader (what is the moral of the story)? Why?
    3. What are the animals discussing in the end of the story? What are their emotions/reactions?
    4. What are your thoughts and feelings after the story?
  3. To comment on at least two of your friends' answers.

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